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As a dually-licensed agent-architect, Belz is an excellent choice for representation of your real estate transactions. 

Belz’s architecture background elevates her capabilities as a real estate broker (Realtor) and provides a unique set of skills that produces results for both buyers and sellers.

By maintaining a uniquely intimate knowledge of both the real estate and design process, I provide my clients the benefit of a more profitable investment, faster home sale, and a personalized home.


As an architect seller’s agent, Belz can identify and showcase your home's best attributes, such as its unique design and architectural value, its future potential, its spatial and lighting qualities, or the quality of the land it sits on. These points are often incorrectly or inadequately marketed in real estate listings.

Belz possesses a strong knowledge of zoning, historic status, and the local technical requirements that surround a piece of real estate. Her thorough understanding of building technology and costs will give you a position of strength when negotiating with buyers during a sales transaction.

Belz can identify potential in a home and use it as a selling point. Her preliminary evaluation of alternative uses and configurations that other buyers may value can be a huge selling point. She will be able to identify conversion opportunities and do so with greater certainty than the average real estate agent. And she will understand cyclical design trends as they relate to eventual resale value. 


Finally, she will already have a working knowledge of the local design/ build network in case you need to get anything bid or completed prior to the sale.


As an architect buyer’s agent, Belz approaches the evaluation of your needs differently than other real estate agents. She can offer an additional set of eyes on many issues that could result in unforeseen future costs. She will have a heightened awareness of potential construction deficiencies and will be able to identify future maintenance issues. She also will be able to provide insights and evaluation on the building site, topography, drainage, floodplain, and exposure issues. These things may be missed or underestimated by the average real estate agent. 

As you search for homes together, Belz will be invaluable in fielding questions about a property that you are considering. She can identify unique opportunities, potential issues and shortcomings, and discuss the overall building quality of a home. And she can help you understand the potential implications of the problem and what it would take to fix it properly. This all benefits you in the negotiation process.

Belz brings the tools and knowledge to confidently negotiate on your behalf. In addition to determining the correct price based on real-time market conditions, her ability to assess a home – from an architectural and construction cost standpoint – will help determine the right price to pay for a specific property.

Belz can help you assess whether or not the property will fulfill your current lifestyle or your future goals. If you want to build your own home, Belz can help find the property, explain the process in-depth, and help identify the contractors and subcontractors who ultimately will do the work. 

Belz can help buyers understand how much work will go into bringing their ideas to fruition, and they’ll know the technicalities and logistics that will have to be considered—for example, pulling permits. 


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