After selling my 6000 square foot home of 20 years in hopes of downsizing (both house and mortgage),  I turned to Cheri Belz to help me find my perfect new home.  After looking all over Boulder, nothing on the market seemed to match my desires.  If it was the right size and price point, it wasn’t within walking distance to my work or recreation (a key desire).   

Belz turned to a business associate who knew of an absentee owner of a vacant home (not on the market) in the location I wanted.  The two of them worked together to negotiate a deal. 


Although the house was exactly WHERE I wanted to be, it needed bathroom and master suite remodeling.   Before closing, Belz had designed the remodel and lined up contractors to begin work as soon as the ink was dry on the closing papers!  Three weeks later I was moving in! I’m loving my new home. Cheri’s unique combination of thirty years of business connections, her architectural expertise and her ability to fully understand my needs led to a great outcome.    


J. Waddell,  Professor and Business Consultant


I strongly recommend Cheri Belz to anyone buying or selling a home in Boulder.  She helped me sell my townhome and buy my dream house last year.
She went above and beyond to help me prepare my house for sale and then got me comfortably moved in to my new one.  She even used her architectural and design expertise to help me plan my furniture layout!
Even after I closed on my home, Cheri’s service and commitment to my satisfaction continues.
I never felt that she was working for the commission; rather that my happiness with the outcome was her first priority.  She was supportive of my decisions and limits and was committed to making both transactions work out smoothly.


R. Weinberg, MD